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Berend Hooibrink B.Hooibrink at AMC.UVA.NL
Tue Feb 10 05:42:11 EST 2004

Hello Timothy,

This isn't the case in my aria. Since 4 months I use the adjustable
nozzle and I don't adjust anything. The small cam is there to adjust the
insertion depth but still the lateral positioning isn't good enough!(I
hope BD reads this message as well). Maybe you have to move the nozzle a
little bit side wards in stead of adjusting it. This is my way to find
the best stream position and drop profile, but you must do this very
careful while pressure is on the stream.

Good luck,

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Hello Flowers:

I am wondering what other Aria user's experience is with the 70 micron
adjustable nozzle.  I  have been finding that I am needing to adjust the
nozzle every day to get a good stream.	I have been told by a BD FSE
this is not supposed to be the case.  Has anyone else had issues with


Timothy Bushnell, Ph.D.
University of Rochester Center for Human Genetics and Molecular
Flow Cytometry Facility

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