help with harvesting cell lines

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Thu Apr 22 09:20:17 EST 2004

We have found Accutase to work exceptionally well with the removal of
adherent cell lines while still preserving cell membrane integrity and
cell viability. Actually many of my customers use it to keep there cells
in while sorting and the cells grow just fine after sorting. Give it a
try. See

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> Dear all,
> I am new in flow cytometry.  I want to harvest	adherent
> cells from flasks or 6-well plates for surface staining.  I wonder if
> there is any differenece between using 1XPBS containing 5mM EDTA and
> Trypsin-EDTA(1X) from Gibco to harvest cells.  Personally I prefer
> Trypsin-EDTA because they work faster and Do they have any affects on
> surface markers such B220, MHC class I and II, and other markers?
> Any comments will be apprecited.
> Li
> Reserach associate
> OSU Medical Center
> Columbus, OH 43210
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