Daily Compensation in Clinical Flow Lab

Mario Roederer roederer at drmr.com
Tue Sep 24 19:35:21 EST 2002

Sorry to say that the laws of physics haven't changed that much in
the past 8 years...

Even "daily" compensation is quite possibly too infrequent.  You
should make sure that your compensation controls are valid for every
experiment that you do--and that may not be the case all day long.
Different lots of Cy5PE (or other tandems, such as ECD, Cy7PE) will
require separate compensation settings.  And, since PE tandems
(Cy5PE, etc) change emission properties upon exposure to light, you
have to be careful that the compensation controls are stained in a
very similar way.


At 9:34 AM -0400 9/24/02, Sabina Sylvest wrote:
>Hello to everyone,
>I have recently returned to flow following an eight year hiatus
>(raising a family). Many things have changed and my question is "Is the
>need to perform daily compensation still required or can you simply run
>a sort of "verify" tube that ensures the populations line up where they
>are supposed to"?
>I am running a Coulter XL and at present startup in the morning is
>quite involved. I would really like to simplify things.
>Also, next year we are scheduled for a CAP inspection, and I need to
>stay within the guidelines of the most recent checklist.
>Respectfully submitted,
>Sabina Sylvest
>Health Alliance Flow Lab
>Cincinnati, OH  45219
>(513) 584-5420

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