Dow Corning Silastic Tubing

Adrian Smith A.Smith at
Mon Sep 9 00:34:32 EST 2002

Hi all,
	Almost 10 years ago our Flow Facility purchased some Silastic
Tubing from Dow Corning to use on a FacStarPlus. We have recently run
out and would like to get some more. Even at that time it was a
special order so we have no idea what the availability it like now.
We were wondering if anyone else is still using this sort of tubing
and whether anyone has purchased any recently.

The details I have are as follows (from an old email from Dick Stovel
to Barbara Fazekas)...

Item #2341875
SILASTIC(R) Medical Grade Tubing RX TB-CT 0.012 x 0.084
Unit: 50ft. coils.
Price: $0.901/ft
Minimum Order: 100ft



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