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Mon Oct 14 16:17:56 EST 2002

I hate to ask one of those "know a good source...?" questions, but I'm
really having trouble finding an antibody against CD62L (aka L-selectin,
LECAM-1, LAM-1) that cross-reacts in dog.  Supplying me with a source
would be much appreciated, but what I'd really like to know is what/where
I should search to find it!  (Teach a man to fish and all that.)  Abcam
has been very useful in the past for finding other Abs, but not for this.
In addition, I haven't worked much with dog tissues in the past, but I
will be going forward.  So, I would also be interested in your favorite
sources of anti-dog Abs in general.   Can someone give me a pointer to
keep me from barking up the wrong tree?

Sorry.  I will Ab-stain from making ruff jokes about canine antibodies.  I
wouldn't want the listserv watchdogs hounding me for inappropriate use of
their medium.

Many thanks,


David McFarland
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