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Apologies for the late reply; I've been away.  Your question reminds me
of some ancient work done at WEHI after we discovered the blue,
UV-excited autofluorescence on granulocytes (see Watt SM et al Journal
of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry. 28(9):934-46, 1980 Sep.).  As I
recall (and my recollection after 20 years is bound to be suspect),
there was a  higher blue fluorescence on eosinophils than on
neutrophils, but I can't say how well this separated them (you may get a
clue from Vadas MA et al Blood. 61(6):1232-41, 1983 Jun.).  The only
costly part of the exercise is to provide the UV laser, but then you
only need 20mW or so.

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