Luminescent metals

Adrian Rubio arubio at
Fri Mar 29 14:36:47 EST 2002

what about packaging the unknown metal sample and a secondary/tandem dye in
a liposome?

Laser----> Metal(short life high conc)----->Dye (long life lower conc)----->


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> Julie Nelson wrote-
> >I just finished talking to a researcher who has some exciting ideas
> >about detecting luminescent metals using flow cytometry, specifically
> >Eu, Tb and Ho.  Has anyone every used flow to analyze these?  Will UV
> >excitation (351 nm) work?
> These rare earth metals have been used as immunufluorescent labels in
> chelated form. Their fluorescent lifetimes are hundreds of microseconds,
> making them incompatible with conventional commercial flow cytometers,
> although they have been detected in special laboratory-built instruments.
> -Howard

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