Peripheral blood CD 34 counts used in assessing apheresis collections

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Thu Mar 28 07:10:59 EST 2002

Hi Pat,

There are several publications looking at this. One thing to keep in mind is that there
are variables other than the PB CD34+ count that will contribute to graft collection
efficiency, for example type of apheresis equipment and software version, volume of
apheresis (that is a 2 blood volume apheresis procedure will produce significantly
less CD34+ cells than a 4 blood volume procedure). That said, the PB CD34+ count is
useful in determining whether a patient is likely to have a successful collection. We
use a cut of of 5 CD34+ cells per microliter, below which the patient will not proceed
to apheresis. Others use 10 or even 20 CD34+cells/uL. However this is partly due to
the insensitivity of first generation CD34+ enumeration techniques to estimate very
low numbers of cells. As you are using a single platform method based on the ISHAGE
guidelines, you shouldn't have a problem.
Feel free to contact me directly if you want specific references.


Mike Keeney

>>> Pat McMahon <Pat.McMahon at> 03/26/02 14:41 PM >>>

Dear Flow folks:

I am relatively new to this users group and new to flow so please bear with

Our facility currently collects CD34+ stem cells for stem cell
transplantation using apheresis.
Our Apheresis collection center is interested in performing peripheral blood
CD34 stem cell enumeration on patients prior to aphersis collection. The
goal is to determine if a patient has an adequate number of CD34+ stem cells
before performing the apheresis collection. They do not wish, necessarily,
to collect the entire CD34 dose in one collection but, rather to ensure that
there is adequate cd34+ stem cells such that 2-3 collections would yild an
adequate dose for transplantation.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of data. Are there some
guidelines as to how many cd34+ stem cells /ul of peripheral blood are
necessary to give an acceptable apheresis collection dosage?

I am using an Epics XL and the Beckman/Coulter Stem-kit for CD34

Thanks for any help.

Patrick McMahon
Avera Mckennan Hospital
Sioux Falls, SD
email  Pat.McMahon at
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