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I've come across several techniques lately that are supposed to be able to
get Abs into live cells but how can this be used for flow-based
intracellular staining?  More to the point, how to determine specificity?
Obviously, you aren't able to wash out the excess, do a blocking step, or
use an isotype control, right?  One reference I saw was using microscopy
to show localization/aggregation of the MAb in the cell, which is great
under the scope, but I just can't see how this could be a useful flow
technique.  Can someone enlighten me?

David McFarland
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Dear group,

The following was sent to me directly so thought I would pass it along.

Hi Ray,
A colleague passed your question from the cytometry listserve on to me
and I thought I'd reply with a novel method I came across recently.
Feel free to post it.  In a recent Nature Biotechnology article (Morris
MC, Depollier J, Mery J, Heitz F, Divita G. A peptide carrier for the
delivery of biologically active proteins into mammalian cells. Nat
Biotechnol. 2001 Dec;19(12):1173-6.) they linked a couple of different
Abs to a Pep1 fragment, a protein transduction domain, and successfully
got them into cells.  High efficiency, low toxicity.

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