Sort Sterility

Michael Hughes MHughes at
Tue Mar 26 07:19:56 EST 2002

Hello all,
	I posted a question last November about the sterility of sorts soon
after we had upgraded our Vantage to an 'SE'. Thanks again to all who
replied with advice. For those who may be interested, here is our solution.
	We started by flushing all the lines with 10% Milton. This helped
but there was still contamination left in the system so we got the BD
engineer to change all the sheath and sample tubing. This has solved our
problems but we now fit on a new autoclaved sheath filter daily. We also use
sterile PBS in the sheath tank which we change daily. If we are using the
Turbosort we use a high pressure millipore sheath filter which can be
autoclaved and unlike th Pall Filter, it will last indefinately. If anyone
would like more information on this feel free to let me know.

Regards, Mike Hughes
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