Missing Myeloma cells

Ierachmiel Daskal DASKALI at einstein.edu
Tue Mar 26 08:54:03 EST 2002

In an era of cost containment and limited resources,  why would you do a flow analysis
of a bone aspirate to diagnose myeloma?

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>>> "Melvin Hasseler" <hasseler at hsc.usc.edu> 03/22/02 01:47PM >>>
It has been our experience that when we add CD45 PerCP as a third color to our
cytoplasmic Kappa/138 & Lambda/138 tubes on bone marrow samples suspected of having
myeloma cells, the cells seem to have variable amounts of CD45 or slam against the left
with zero CD45 PerCP staining. In our two color analyzes myeloma cells are negative
to dim for CD45. Our compensation appears to be correct for the other markers, bright
or dim, when we add CD45 PerCP.

Mel Hasseler
Supervisor, USC Flow Cytometry Section In Los Angeles

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