FITC vs Alexa 488

Matthias Haury mhaury at
Mon Mar 25 17:52:37 EST 2002

Well 6 times is a bit exagerated, but we recently labelled some
anti-mouse-CD-25 with Alexa 488 and gained one log compared to the
commercial FITC and PE products.... So I think it's worth labelling with
Alexa instead of FITC, it's as easy, a bit more expensive, but for certain
antigens worth the trial !


> On Molecular Probes' website are claims that Alexa 488 is 6-7 times brighter
> than FITC. Preliminary evidence from our conjugations of the same antibody
> with FITC or Alexa 488 indicate no advantage from using Alexa 488. Can
> anyone who compared Alexa 488 and FITC share their findings?

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