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Vasanthi Sunil sunilva at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Mar 22 10:58:33 EST 2002

This was such a wonderful idea....compiling responses to questions!  I am a new
subscriber to the Cytometry mailing list and am also new to flow.  So when
responses are sent without the question in the body of the email, I'm not quite
sure what the response is to:-)
I do hope more people who repsond to questions will either (1) include the
question in their response or better still, (2) compile responses to a particular

Good job and thanks!

kennedy.jm.2 at pg.com wrote:

> Some people on the list have expressed interest in seeing the responses to my
> questions regarding antibody titering, etc. so I have compiled them below in a
> Word document.  Enjoy!

Vasanthi R. Sunil, Ph. D.
Department of Toxicology & Pharmacology
Rutgers University
NJ 08854

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