256 vs. 1024 channels Hmmmmmm

Thomas Delohery vze29v32 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 24 02:02:51 EST 2002


I looked at this about 10 years ago with Lysis.   Same result - the 1024
was only twice the size of the 256 channel in terms of bytes.


Joseph Webster wrote:

> Many thanks to all those who showed me the bullet hole in my shoe...
> A few days ago I wrote:
> > > .... but remember that a 1024-channel data file is four times
> > > bigger than the same data in 256 channels.
> After a prompt from Mario, I checked this morning and that statement
> is wrong!
> I remember a factor of four in the (good old?) days of HP computer
> and LYSYS II, but had never bothered to check that change in newer
> computers.
> Testing this morning, my 256-channel file was 72078 bytes while the
> same data (test pulses) in 1024-channel was 142078 bytes, or about
> double the file size.
> Just to confuse matters though, the Mac file system uses 130Kb and
> 195Kb respectively for the same two files on a 2Gb disk....
> Now the accuracy of my memory is quite a different matter... ;~)
> Anyone still running a FACScan with LYSIS?
> Joseph.

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