My last bit on 256 vs 1024 channels

Joseph Webster J.Webster at
Thu Mar 21 16:52:03 EST 2002

Thanks Dan for your two valuable peaks!

I always thought the 4x factor came directly from comparing file
sizes in the old HP LIF format, but that probably around 1985
when the FACScan arrived in Adelaide.
 From the recent discussion it looks like I just made a 2x error
in arithmetic back then and never bothered to test myself....

One reason I'm still in Flow Cytometry after 20+ years is that
there are always new things to learn; I was not expecting a
lesson in my own fallibility this week.....

At 23:39 21/3/2002, Rosson, Dan wrote:
>I'm a Flow novice, a Flower child, but I was wondering about your factor of
>4 myself. However, now that I have read your answer below, I thought I would
>add that I am presently running a FAScan with an HP and Lysis II and the
>file sizes are just a 2 fold difference in this system too. Did you get the
>factor of 4 by dividing 1024 by 256?
>As they say, my two peaks worth.
>Dan Rosson

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