P19 cell death

Pizzo,Eugene Pizzo at nso1.uchc.edu
Thu Mar 21 16:48:30 EST 2002


I'm seeing a fantastic amount of cell death following a low speed/low
pressure sort on my VantageSe and am wondering if anyone has experience
with these cells in particular or tips for preventing cell death in general.
I'm getting about 10-20% live cell recovery following a typical low
pressure sort at 3K/sec,  8 psi, and 18khz with a 100um nozzle.
I normally get an average 70% recovery across the board.The cells are P19
embryonic carcinoma
cells with CFSE as a marker.  They are collected in DMEM with 20% FBS
and pen/strep.

Gene Pizzo/UCONN Health

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