Macrophage harvesting, GIBCO buffer

Chance, Tim jtc3 at CDC.GOV
Thu Mar 21 07:40:34 EST 2002

Thanks to one of the list members, I made an error in my solution formula
for nonenzymatic disociation solution. It should be 0.01MPBS PH 7.5 and
0.60mM EDTA (NOT 60m EDTA.
thanks much Dee
Tim Chance

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The dissociation solution is expensive and you may obtain the same results
with o.01M PBS  with 60 mM EDTA. The EDTA is the active ingredient. It
chelates divalent cations that aid in attachment allowing the cells to break
loose without cellular damage.
Tim Chance

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Subject: Macrophage harvesting, GIBCO buffer

Dear Flowers
Chinnaswamy has kindly forwarded the details of the cell dissociation buffer
from GIBCO to me as another alternative to harvest macrophages. His message
is below.

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From: Chinnaswamy Jagannath [mailto:Chinnaswamy.Jagannath at]
Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2002 12:11 am
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Subject: GIBCO buffer

Ms. Dee: here are the specs for the GIBCO cell dissociation buffer; please
forward to appropriate people...

Cat NO: 13150-016
Component NO: 1096537
cell dis buf, enzyme free, HBSS based propritary formual for detaching cells
from plastic surfacces;cells can thne be tested for flow, ligand binding,
immunohstochemistry etc

I have tested such cells for mannose receptor and it works just fine; I
strongly recommend it for macrophage studies.


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