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Thu Mar 21 06:49:52 EST 2002

Hi Flow-ers,

Not  all systems have the limitations Albert Donnenberg lists in his

The Cytomics FC500  Digital Signal Processing Flow Cytometer has RXP
software which uses 20bit data, and Advanced Digital Compensation, both
real-time or "After the fact".

Martin J Dominguez

"Donnenberg, Albert" <donnenbergad at MSX.UPMC.EDU> on 19/03/2002 22:44:26

To: cyto-inbox

Subject:  256 vs. 1024 channels

After-the-fact software compensation requires un-logging, subtraction, and
re-logging.  1024 channels of resolution is a bit sparse for this, but it
works fairly well.  Lower than 1024 would be too coarse.  You can always
lower your resolution during analysis (e.g. for smoothing) but you can
never increase it. Life is short, memory is cheap.

Albert Donnenberg
University of Pittsburgh

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