Kraus, Elizabeth elizabkr at bhcs.com
Mon Mar 18 14:05:19 EST 2002

For those of you with an AutoMACS in your facility, please allow me to
pick your brains.

We have been performing either negative selections or positive
depletions to enrich for monocytes on a routine and successful basis.
Suddenly, our cells are dying after 1-2 days in culture.  Using the same
starting sample, cells isolated in parallel but by adherence are doing
fine.  Naturally, all reagents have been tossed and re-made but still no
change.  Additionally, there have been no changes to the AutoMACS
cleansing reagents (just EtOH and bleach as recommended by Miltenyi) and
the instrument is clean as a whistle.  Any suggestions would be
appreciated.  I know this is vague but I'm crossing my fingers that
someone out there can shed some light.

Elizabeth Kraus
Dallas, TX.

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