256 vs. 1024 channels

Calman Prussin CPRUSSIN at niaid.nih.gov
Sun Mar 17 21:57:03 EST 2002

Several years back when we were analyzing large numbers of events on G1
Power PC Macs, I started doing our data collections using 256 channels,
rather than the typical 1,024. The speed of analysis was increased markedly
with this change.

Common sense tells me that there should be little if any difference in the
data generated using either 256 or 1024 channels. Perhaps my histograms will
look a little smoother?

Question: What real advantage is there to using 1024 rather than 256
channels? Does it add significantly to the precision of DNA, CFSE or CBA
assays? For less exacting applications (phenotyping, intracellular
cytokines) is there any real benefit?


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