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There are two different approaches that might yield useful results here:

1. Injection of a cell-permea esterase substrate like Calcein AM - this
should enter cells near the injection site quickly and label them for a
reasonable period of time (hours).  Dye that leaks out of the cells should
be polar enough that it won't label cells downstream.

2. Use a lipophilic dye like DiI, which should bind to the membrane of the
cells nearest the injection site.  This dye will label cells for long
periods, but can transfer from one cell to adjoining cells if their
membranes are touching.

I am sure others will have further suggestions.

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> Hello Flow-ers,
> I  was hoping someone out there could lead me in the right direction. I
> interested in finding an injectable fluorescent dye (into mice) that would
> hopefully label cells in a concentration dependent manner so that cells
> local to the site of injection would be labelled more intensely than more
> distant cells. My goal is to find a way to label resident cells and track
> their movement. It doesn't have to be a long term label. I'm trying to
> at peritoneal exudate cells and what happens to them upon bacterial
> infection in vivo. I'm completely lost on a dye that would label
> in something other than FL-1 and yet would not be too toxic to be used in
> such a way. Maybe someone out there has a protocol for something like
> I would deeply appreciate any help in this endeavour.
> thanks
> --
> Wayne Harris
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> Department of Microbiology and Immunology
> Emory University , School of Medicine

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