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Thu Mar 14 17:51:43 EST 2002

To all:

We need to site a new sorting facility in a brand new building that's
nearing completion.  We have some controversy about the role of
vibration.  I know this has been discussed here before:

However, I'd like a broader survey.

I would greatly appreciate it if each of you could take 1 minute to
answer the following and send it to me.  I will post a summary at the

1.  On what floor is your sorter located?  How many floors total in
the building?

2. About how old is the building?

3.  Do you have a lot of ambient vibration?

4. What are the nearest sources of vibration, if any?

5.  Do you have any evidence or suspicion that vibration adversely
affects your sorting?

6.  Are there any other major considerations you can think of
concerning where to place a sorter (we are thinking of the fifth
floor of a six floor building)?

You help is greatly appreciated!
Mark Shlomchik, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine
and Immunobiology
Yale University School of Medicine

203-688-2748 (fax)
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