ELISPOT interest inventory and name change CLB

Voorn, J. J_Voorn at CLB.nl
Fri Mar 15 06:04:48 EST 2002

Dear flowers,

In the past period we have seen a rapidly increasing interest in the ELISPOT
technique as an alternative for, or addition to intracellular staining.

With this e-mail I would like to inventory the interest in ELISPOT from
members of this mailing list, especially to find out if there would be an
interest for a separate ELISPOT workshop during the ISAC meeting.
Our own research application is basically devoted to the measurement of
granzyme-B in the ELISPOT technique.

Your reply to j_voorn at clb.nl <mailto:j_voorn at clb.nl>  (even only yes- or
no-interest) is highly appreciated (please do not use reply to all to avoid
pollution of the mailing list)

For those well known with CLB I have to inform you on our first name change
since the foundation in 1943.
The CLB, the Dutch Red Cross Blood Banks, the Federation of Red Cross Blood
Banks and the Dr. Karl Landsteiner Foundation have merged into Sanquin (the
Sanquin blood supply foundation). Scientific publications from the location
CLB will now be published as from Sanquin research at CLB .
Products will continue using the brand name CLB since numerous clones have
been clustered as CLB-clone.

Best regards,


John Voorn				Sanquin Reagents

Product manager			Plesmanlaan 125
j_voorn at clb.nl <mailto:j_voorn at clb.nl>				1066CX
				the Netherlands
tel  +31-(0)20 5123246
fax +31-(0)20 5123570			web site www.clb.nl <www.clb.nl>

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