Macrophage harvesting, GIBCO buffer

Dee Harrison-Findik duygu.harrison-findik at
Wed Mar 13 18:29:31 EST 2002

Dear Flowers
Chinnaswamy has kindly forwarded the details of the cell dissociation buffer
from GIBCO to me as another alternative to harvest macrophages. His message
is below.

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Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2002 12:11 am
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Subject: GIBCO buffer

Ms. Dee: here are the specs for the GIBCO cell dissociation buffer; please
forward to appropriate people...

Cat NO: 13150-016
Component NO: 1096537
cell dis buf, enzyme free, HBSS based propritary formual for detaching cells
from plastic surfacces;cells can thne be tested for flow, ligand binding,
immunohstochemistry etc

I have tested such cells for mannose receptor and it works just fine; I
strongly recommend it for macrophage studies.


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