DRAQ5 Revisited

Dr. John Waitumbi JWaitumbi at kisian.mimcom.net
Thu Mar 14 00:49:50 EST 2002

You can find the latest information on DRAQ5 (safety data, main
characteristics of the dye, literature, sample preparation and analysis) at
http://www.biostatus.com. Over here we use it routinely to stain for P.
falciparum in red blood cells that have been stained by FITC for surface


John Waitumbi, PhD

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> Good day or evening, [depending on which side of the globe you reside at]
> DRAQ5 sounds as the next best thing since sliced bread; there fore I
> have several questions.
> 1. From whom can it be purchased from [USA}?
> 2. Can it also be used as a live/dead discriminator, since
> it couples with DNA?
> 3. Are there any dangers in handling namely carcinogenic?
> Thanks in advance for any info.
> Cordially
> Yours,
> Howard S.M.

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