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Tue Mar 12 15:05:21 EST 2002


For purchasing in the US, I believe Alexis Biochemicals now carries it.
However I've never tried to order it through them.  (See: & do a search for DRAQ5)

We've worked with Draq5 a bit, but haven't gotten good CV's either, at
least on highly proliferative cell lines.  I suspect it may stain RNA as
well, maybe that's our problem, but I'm not sure.  Some folks locally
swear by it -- and I've seen their histograms -- for clinical material,
mostly hematopoietic, and it works very well, no fixation.

As far as safety, be careful.  It enters live cells.  It binds to DNA.
Enough said...

Both the excitation and emission spectra are fairly broad.  I would
expect difficulty compensating it out of many of the red/far red
fluorochromes.  However, it works well with FITC and or PE.


Tim Kute wrote:
> I am interested in learning more about DRAQ5 which is a vital DNA stain
> available from Biostaus.  Any information would be helpful.
> Tim Kute
> Wake Forest University

Neal Benson
University of Florida
nbenson at

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