Bacteria sorting?

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	Hi Howard
	further to your question:

> And there's time (but not much) to clear this up in the 4th Edition.	Do
> you have a reference to Dirk van Bockstaele's calculation?
I actually have no reference for this calculation: it is just one of those
quick and dirty calculations (see below) that I improvise during my lectures
to students! I hope I don't miss anything important.

 you actually also need to know your drop drive frequency and jet velocity.
Assuming a drop drive frequency of 50,000 drops/sec and a jet velocity of
say 10 m/sec, you can envisage the jet as a cylindrical column of liquid
with a circular base of surface pi.r2 with r = 25microm (nozzle radius) and
height = 10 m (for a 1 second long flow time): total volume = pi.r.r.h. This
column is broken up in 50,000 pieces (drop drive).  Some quick and
dirty calculation results in 1 drop = 3.93 10-4 microl or 2545 drops will
sum up to a volume of 1microl, provided I didn't make any power of ten
mistake!  Just fill in your actual drop drive and jet velocity.

KInd Regards,
Looking forward to the 4-th edition!

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