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Simon Monard smonard at
Tue Mar 12 09:50:56 EST 2002

FCS Press although not free is very reasonably priced ($200?) and does a nice job of
software compensation. It is easy to use and has a bunch of cool features. It is only
for MAC at present. You can download a demo from

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>>> "Gerstein, Rachel" <Rachel.Gerstein at> - 3/8/02 2:39 PM >>>

I recommend FlowJo ( for software compensation.  I know
that you asked about freeware/shareware, but is it really reasonable to
expect a great program for free ?

just my opinion,

good luck,
Rachel Gerstein
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> Dear flowers,
> does anyone of you know (or better use) a freeware/shareware program
> able to perform a software compensation?
> I tried the WinList Demo, but I wasn't able to load my data (you are not
> allowed to open Coulter lmd files with the demo version, as a matter of
> fact).
> Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
> Dr Alfredo Vannacci, MD
> University of Florence
> Department of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology
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