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Stojan Dimitrov stoianski_fl at
Tue Mar 12 06:43:45 EST 2002

Dear flowers,

In our laboratory we have a problem with disinfection
of the fluidic system of our Flow Cytometer. We use a
self made sheath fluid which contains azid as a
substance to stop the grouth of bacteria. Unfortunetly
when we calibrate the cytometer with “Calibrite beads”
there are many events above the treshold of 300 on
FSC. Is there any substance which we might add to the
sheath fluid to stop the contamination of the fluidic
system and which would be harmless to the optics and
silicon tubes.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

Best regards,
Stoian Dimitrov

Central Laboratory of Immunology, National Center of
Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 1504 Sofia, 26,
Yanko Sakazov Blvd, Bulgaria

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