Academic position in CTL-mediated apoptosis

Christopher J. Froelich, M.D. c-froelich at
Mon Mar 11 08:55:56 EST 2002


POSITION - Research Associate

DESCRIPTION:  B.S. (with 1-3 years exp) or M.S. with experience in
immunochemical techniques that encompass flow cytometry, EIA and
CLSM.  Experience in biochemical and molecular biologic techniques is
helpful but not essential.  This is an NIH funded position where the
research focuses on the mechansim(s) underlying cytotoxic cell
granule mediated apoptosis with emphasis on understanding how the
pore forming protein, perforin, delivers granule-associated serine
proteases (granzymes) intracellularly to induce cell death.  Position
is available immediately. See Immunity March 2002 for most recent work.

Christopher J. Froelich, M.D.
Research Scientist -  Evanston Northwestern Research Institute
Professor -  Northwestern University
ENH Research Institute
1001 University Place
Evanston, IL  60201-1797

office - Room 214
lab - Room 209
Voice (office)  847.570.7689
Voice (lab) 847.570.7660/7661
Fax 847-570-8025
Fed Ex # 1320-3304-8
e-mail  c-froelich at
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