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If you abstract from the Fluidigm model, flow will be on a 1cm chip complete
with sorting and 40-color selection (nanocrystal probes) detected by
multi-spectral pmts using mini uv diode lasers for excitation. What's even
better is that we will be able to control these systems via the web using a
variation of Linux OS from our wireless PDA as we zoom around on our Segway
Human Transporters...I'm sure some of our intrepid few may already have this
I expect a great reduction in footprint and increase in capability with a
more modular design ...biologic plug and play chips complete with reagents
and a transputer telling the system how to set itself and what analysis
program to run. Flow will combine with imaging (Compucyte on steroids?) so
we will not only get dot plots but confocal images of each cell at 64 bit
resolution. While the systems get smaller the files will get larger...which
unfortunately will require a new FCS file standard.

At the ISAC mtg in San Diego, I hope you'll enjoy the creativity that ensues
from drinking our California wines.

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Dear fellow FLOWers, I received the assignment of predicting how much space
and what layout our flow cytometry lab needs between 2004 and 2008. I spent
some time visualizing an industrial flow lab that many years ahead. Then I
got the idea of passing the question around. I think we all will benefit
from this discussion.

My question is: 'What will a flow cytometry lab be like in about 6 to 8

Thanks for your contribution,

Akos (Biogen)
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