differences in blood collection

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>I don't know the references off the top of my head, but it is definitely
>described that the sodium heparin green top tubes can activate
>lymphocytes-  that's why many labs use lavender/purple tops (using EDTA
>as anticoagulant) or yellow top ACD (acid citrate/dextrose - citrate is
>also an anticoagulant) tubes for culture/stimulation methods and even
>phenotyping when you are worried about a labile marker - I must say
>however, that for robust assays I don't think the heparin is a huge
>effert, because we use them for the CFCs in the core lab and our
>"non-stimulated" controls for cytokine secretion are quite negative, but
>there is some small background activation by markers like CD69; similarly
>we sort samples based on CD62L, which is also quite labile and sensitive
>to stimulation/temperature/etc. but we try to use the blood freshly and
>move quickly to separate the lymphocytes by Ficoll and keep them cold on
>ice to avoid surface marker changes - whereas the core and clinical labs
>use only EDTa-containing tubes for phenotyping for this reason.
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>>  Have you ever looked at this or anything similar?  Marty
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>>  >Subject: differences in blood collection
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>>  >Not exactly a flow question, but somewhat relevant: We recently did a
>>  >study looking at T cell responses to a vaccine by Tetramer. Some
>>  >patients had green tops collected and others underwent leukapheresis.  It
>>  >seemed that T cell responses were higher in green top samples.  We didn't
>>  >compare the 2 methods in the same patient however.  Has anyone had a
>>  >similar experience or tested this?  Also, has anyone compared T cell
>>  >reponses in samples collected in green top vs, CPT tubes.
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