plant protoplast sorting

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Although not published in the last 3 years, this article offers a unique
approach to protoplast isolation.

J Biochem Biophys Methods 1994 Jul;29(1):83-6

Selection and enrichment of differentially labeled plant protoplasts.

Barth S, Goerlich R, Schnabl H.

Institut fur Landwirtschaftliehe Botanik, Universitat Bonn, Germany.

A fast and efficient method for the selection of plasmamembrane-marked
protoplasts via magnetic-associated cell separation (MACS) was developed.
Isolated mesophyll protoplasts from sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) were
covalently labeled at their plasma membrane with fluoresceine isothiocyanate
(FITC) with an efficiency of greater than 95%. They were subsequently
coupled to specific monoclonal antibodies against FITC, which were
conjugated to magnetic beads, and mixed with unlabeled hypocotyl
protoplasts. About 95% of the marked mesophyll protoplasts were separated by
the MACS system with a purity of greater than 80%. Protoplasts embedded in
agarose showed normal dividing activities.

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