Lysis of blood cells?

MOVERARE, ROBERT [GSO/0454] robert.moverare at
Mon Mar 11 05:29:24 EST 2002

Dear Flowers,

I have a rather basic question. Is it possible to mix blood samples from
different donors without the problem of lysis of the blood cells due to
complement-mediated cytolysis, i.e. if the donors blood groups are
miss-matched? For example, if blood from an "AB, Rh+ donor" is mixed with
blood from an "O, Rh- donor" and then left on the bench for some hours at
room temperature for later analysis by flow cytometry. Could it be harmful
for the cells (erythrocytes or leucocytes)?

Thanks in advance,


Robert Movérare, Ph.D.
Pharmacia Diagnostics AB
SE-751 82 Uppsala

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