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To my knowledge there is no single cell surface marker that will discriminate all stages of erythroid from megakaryocytic development.  If (as you say) you want to discriminate early stages of development, CD71 and glyA will not be that helpful and CD41 is expressed both on both lineages (see refs below).  CD42b can discriminate later stages of mega. development.  

The further back (developmentally) you want to go the more problematic it is - perhaps not surprising given that there is some evidence that these lineages are derived from the same bi-potential progenitor (see Debili, N., Coulombel, L., Croisille, L., Katz, A., Guichard, J., Breton-Gorius, J. & Vainchenker, W. (1996) Blood 88, 1284-1296).

CD41 refs 
Debili, N., Robin, C., Schiavon, V., Letestu, R., Pflumio, F., Mitjavila-Garcia, M. T., Coulombel, L. & Vainchenker, W. (2001) Blood 97, 2023-2030.
Basch, R. S., Zhang, X. M., Dolzhanskiy, A. & Karpatkin, S. (1999) Br J. Haematol 105, 1044-1054.

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