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Eric Van Buren aa9080 at
Wed Mar 6 16:10:44 EST 2002

Linda Weaver,

We have a variety of computers set up with Intego's FileGuard Remote v4.0.
We've had some problems with protected drives and MacOS 8.6 and later,
even with earlier versions of FGR. Also, sometimes the computers are
finicky talking to each other via FGR, but again, we've had this with
the earlier versions. (Perhaps it's us, and not the program?) Other than
that, FGR4.0 works for tracking usage with the following:

PowerMac G4/733,     MacOS 9.2.1, FACScan
PowerMac G3/400 B&W, MacOS 8.6,   FACSCalibur and analysis
PowerMac G3/300 B&W, MacOS 8.5.1, FACS Vantage
PowerMac G3/300,     MacOS 8.5.1, FACScan
PowerMac 7500/100,   MacOS 8.5.1, analysis

We use Retrospect Remote v4.1 on all except the G4 due to a firewall issue.
Before updating, we were using FGR3.2.1.

Good luck,

>Greetings, all!
>I've been using Fileguard Remote v. 3.2.3 to keep track of user accounts
>over a multi-client LAN.  Despite a few bugs here and there, it thus far
>co-exists reasonably well with Cellquest and Facscomp, and doesn't cause a
>fuss with Retrospect auto-tape backups of clients.
>I am starting to replace old power PC's with G4's and would like to
>maintain workstation security and user account tracking.
>Is anyone out there using Intego's revamped Fileguard Remote v. 4.1 on
>G4's, running Cellquest under OS 9.2.2?  If you are, how has it been
>working for you?  I'd like to discuss specifics with anyone with experience
>in this area.
>Please note:  I've tried the OS 9.2.2 security log-in utility.  It is
>downright hostile to a G4 set up to run a Facscalibur.  The workstation
>locks up repeatedly.  I had to disable it!
>I would very much appreciate your impressions, before I spend a lot of
>money for the upgrade.
>Many thanks!
>Linda Weaver
>Genetic Therapy Flow Cytometry/Imaging Facility
>linda.weaver at

Eric Van Buren, aa9080 at
Karmanos Cancer Institute and Immunology & Microbiology
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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