red cell and platelet markers

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Wed Mar 6 02:26:42 EST 2002

we use GlycophorineA for erythropoetic precursors and CD61 for
platelets/megakaryocyte differentiation. One has to be careful because
platelets can adhere to blasts and give unspecific CD61 positivity. If we
get positivity we always try to confirm it by immunocytochemical staining
on smears.
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At 07:28 2002-03-05 -0800, you wrote:
>We are trying to update/ revamp our routine leukemia/lymphoma panels.  The
>Director has asked me to see if anyone from the group has any great
>recommendations for early red cell and platelet markers.  The ones we have
>been using DO mark the correct cells, but they seem to lack specificity. It
>has been a while since we have found a red cell or platelet leukemia -
>(hopefully we haven't missed any!  :-) ) - so we don't have a lot of
>experience in this area.
>Kathy Altig
>Vancouver, WA
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