DRAQ5: may be an alternative for Hoechst 33342 if I have only 488nm argon laser?

Jáksó Pál Pal.Jakso at aok.pte.hu
Wed Mar 6 05:43:12 EST 2002

Dear flowers,

I read a post from Derek Davis in which DRAQ5  a far red emitting DNA
stain from Biostatus was recommended for DNA staining for flow cytometry
without permeabilization of living cells. I would like to ask about your
experiences with this new DNA dye.
I intend to measure surface immunostainings in conjuctions with DNA
content using 488 nm argon laser. At the Biostaus website is stated that
using together with FITC compensation is not necessary and DRAQ5 can be
also used with PE.

Thanks in advance,

Pal Jakso

University of Pecs
Faculty of Medicine
Dept. of Pathology
7643, Hungary
12. Szigeti str.

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