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George F. Babcock, Ph.D. babcocgf at email.uc.edu
Mon Mar 4 18:14:02 EST 2002

Dear Flow-ers,

I'm am chairing a workshop on Functional Analyses at the ISAC XXI.  The
workshop is Sunday evening May 5th from 5-7.  The specifics of the workshop
are listed below.  I am soliciting two things; 1) topics which attendees
would like to have covered, and 2) offers to present ones own data or
techniques.  These workshops are informal and data can be presented on
overheads developed in situ (materials available), on pre-made overheads,
slides, or computer presentations.  You may present the functional aspects
of abstracts submitted for posters/talks or you may just want to talk about
a functional aspect of work that your lab is interested in.  The time is
somewhat flexible depending upon what is required (from 5 to 20 min. plus 5
for questions). Please forward topic requests and presentation titles or
topics to me.


This workshop would be of interest to anyone curious or engaged in
measuring functional or cellular properties of cells using cytometry
methods.  Both new techniques, as well as, new applications of old
techniques are encouraged.  Functional measurements of novel cells types
would also be of interest.  Investigators experiences, even negative ones,
in measuring specific functions or in using techniques used to measure
function are also encouraged.  A final area of potential discussion is
design of methods that could be used to measure any functional
property.  Individuals interested in presenting their work and those who
want to learn more are encourage to attend.
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