mouse macrophages

Jarek Baran jarekbaran at
Tue Mar 5 10:17:06 EST 2002

Dear Flowers,

I have been started a new project dealing with mouse macrophages, although
so far I have used in my studies only human cells. I am trying to stimulate
mouse macrophages to produce IL-10 and IL-12 which I want to detect as a
intracellular form by the use of flow cytometry. I am using a standard
Pharmingen protocol with IFNg preactivation and subsequent LPS stimulation
for 24, 48h. Unfortunately, I can detect very small (5%) amount of IL-12
positive macrophages and none of IL-10 positive. Could you give me any
working protokol for intracellular detection of these cytokines in mice?
Thank you in advance,

Jarek Baran, Ph.D.
Dept.of Pathology
J.G.Brown Cancer Center
University of Louisville, KY

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