Wich differences between Cell Quest and Flow Jo?

Adrian Smith A.Smith at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Mon Mar 4 19:52:55 EST 2002

>Dear Flowers,
>I always work with Cell Quest but now I downloaded Flow Jo program
>and I have a problem.
>I don't know where is the option for create  the union of two gates (
>In Cell Quest   is R1 or R2)
>Then I would to know wich are the substantial differences between
>Cell Quest and Flow Jo
>Thanks in advance

FlowJo uses a hierarchical rather than a logical gate structure, ie
you don't work by creating two gates and then combining them, rather
you place the first gate, open the gated plot and place the second
gate directly on that plot.

The best way to get into FlowJo is to do the tutorial that can be
downloaded from the web-site (<http://www.flowjo.com/tutorial.html>).
Until you have got your head around the fundamental differences
between the programs it is very hard to compare them.


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