Upgrade of FACScan to Macintosh platform

Ray Lannigan lannigan at tritechinc.com
Mon Mar 4 13:06:55 EST 2002

Hi Tony,
    You are correct in assuming that the upgrade to a MAC platform on your Facscan is a simple procedure. We do it often when we refurbish Facscans. The parts that you will need are as follows:

1. Status Printed Circuit Board (PCB), BD part number 03-20095-03S, approximate cost $1,500
2. Computer Interface PCB, BD part number 03-20085-02S, approximate cost $900.00
3. BD PAC PCB, BD part number 03-20123-04, approximate cost $2,000.00
4. GPIO cable, BD part number 04-10824-02, approximate cost $110.00
5. Cellquest Ver. 3.3 (will work with MAC OS 9.2), BD part number 342182-1, approximate cost $4,250.00

These cost are approximate so check with BD. Before you order Cellquest, confirm the operating system version on your MAC will operate properly with the version of Cellquest and BD Inits (part of Cellquest), that you are ordering. 

   Before installing these items, make sure power is turned off to both the Facscan and the MAC.  Items 1 and 2 go inside the Facscan. They plug into motherboard slots 9 and 7 respectively. As you look down on the motherboard from the front of the Facscan,  slots in the card cage are numbered from right to left. Item 3 goes into the MAC and plugs into any available PCI socket. This will become self evident when you open your MAC and compare the sockets on the MAC motherboard to item 3's connector tab. Connect item 4 to the back of the Facscan and to item 3, which should already be plugged into the computer. Again it is self evident which end of the cable plugs into the Facscan and which end plugs into the computer. Lastly install Cellquest and BD inits software on the MAC. If you need further help, call me at one of the numbers listed below.
Raymond Lannigan
Tritech Field Engineering Inc.
2014 Renard Ct. Suite I
Annapolis, MD 21401
410-266-0935 (fax)

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  Could someone tell me what is involved with upgrading a FACScan to a Macintosh? I know there's a board that goes into the instrument, but I believe the mac connection is through the serial port. I was wondering if putting the board in the instrument is simply a matter of plugging it into a slot. If so, I could save a trip by our BD tech, which is rather expensive give our remote location in western Colorado.


  Tony Schountz, Ph.D.
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