detecting autoantiboy on cell surface (human)

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Yes.  We detect alloantibody on the surface of human leukocytes in organ
transplantation routinely.  Jackson Immunolabs sells Fab2 anti-human Ig(H+L)
for IgM and IgG conjugated to various fluorochromes.  You will want to
co-stain with anti-CD3 to exclude staining of B cells, which can be
problematic (express FcR, and surface Ig)

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Subject: detecting autoantiboy on cell surface (human)

Dear experts in clinical cytometry:

One of my users asks me if it is feasible to detect human IgM/IgG on
surface of leukocytes. The white count of the patient is between 30k -
40k. The oncologist is looking for venders with supply of anti-human IgM &
IgG, conjugated with fluorochromes. A related literature regarding the
detection of surface bound autoantibody will be very helpful as well.
Thank you very much.

Fang-Yao Stephen Hou
Flow Cytometry Specialist

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