Upgrade of FACScan to Macintosh platform

Eric Van Buren aa9080 at wayne.edu
Mon Mar 4 16:36:11 EST 2002


There are two electronic boards: one for the FACScan and one for the
Macintosh. There are two versions of the Mac board, one for Nubus (older
Quadra/PowerMacs) and one for PCI (newer PowerMac/G3/G4s).

The Macintosh serial port -- a USB-to-serial device on newer PowerMacs -- is
used to control the ACDU on a FACS Vantage. I don't have an autoloader, so I
don't know what interface it uses.

There are also two versions of the CellQuest security dongle, one for ADB
and one for USB. The "blue and white" G3 was the last Mac to have ADB.

I only bring up some of these details because you mention the Macintosh
serial port, which suggests that you may be trying to connect an older Mac
to your FACScan. In order to use the current BDIS hardware/software, you'll
at least need a Mac with a PCI bus and a USB port. I don't have the
software reqs in front of me, but I can dig them up if you need them.

Good luck,

>Could someone tell me what is involved with upgrading a FACScan to a
>Macintosh? I know there's a board that goes into the instrument, but I
>believe the mac connection is through the serial port. I was wondering if
>putting the board in the instrument is simply a matter of plugging it into
>a slot. If so, I could save a trip by our BD tech, which is rather
>expensive give our remote location in western Colorado.
>Tony Schountz, Ph.D.
>Dept. of Biology
>Mesa State College

Eric Van Buren, aa9080 at wayne.edu
Karmanos Cancer Institute and Immunology & Microbiology
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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