Upgrade of FACScan to Macintosh platform

Joseph Webster J.Webster at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Sun Mar 3 20:33:35 EST 2002

Hi Tony,
There are two boards involved, one in the instrument and one in the computer;
Connection is a high speed parallel, not the apple serial port.

Plugging the board into the computer is simple, I think the instrument
needed some cabling changes as well as the board.
It's a few years since we had it done, the Scan has now been replaced with
a FACScalibur.


At 10:33 1/3/2002, Tony Schountz wrote:
>Could someone tell me what is involved with upgrading a FACScan to a
>Macintosh? I know there's a board that goes into the instrument, but I
>believe the mac connection is through the serial port. I was wondering if
>putting the board in the instrument is simply a matter of plugging it into
>a slot. If so, I could save a trip by our BD tech, which is rather
>expensive give our remote location in western Colorado.
>Thanks, Tony

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