Memory T cells in the rat

William Reid reid at
Mon Mar 4 10:49:43 EST 2002

Dear flow cytometry mailing list,

We have published on an HIV-1 transgenic rat that has immunologic
dysfunction.  Recently we have shown that
these rats also seem to have a Th1 deficit. I would like to isolate the
naive (CD45RC+ and CD62L+) CD4 T-cell population by negative selection.
Currently I can isolate the CD45RC+ population but this population is
contaminated (20%) with CD62L- effector/memory T-cells. Does anyone know
of available antibodies that can be used to remove the memory T-cell
contamination from my CD45RC+ T-cell pool?   You can contact me at
202-256-2984 or e-mail  reid at

Thank you for any help.

Dr. William Reid
Basic Science Division
Institute of Human Virology
University of Maryland Baltimore

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