Jens Fleischer jfleischer at tesionmail.de
Fri Mar 1 15:45:39 EST 2002

Rene Rückert wrote:

> Dear Flowers,
> We run a G4 with MacOS 9.1 and CellQuest on our Calibur. To backup  our
> data we purchased an Iomega Predator portable CD writer with USB
> connection (to use it on the Mac but also on our PCs - and on PC I never
> hhad a problem). The driver is installed on the Mac and he recognizes
> the  Predator as CD Rom drive. However, the Software for the writer
> (Adaptec Toast) can't find a CD Burner, even if the drive reads all CDs
> correct and consistent.
> Our BD service told me, that there are some incompatibilities in using
> CellQuest and USB.
> Does anybody have an idea how I could set the predator up to burn? Or
> can I burn the Predator and order a new SCSI writer as BD suggests?
> Any updates? Other software?


this has nothing to do with CellQuest and USB compatibility. OS 9.1 has
built-in CD burning capacity, these extensions are known to conflict
with Adaptec Toast. There are two solutions:

1. Use the Apple Disc Burner software. Insert a new CD-R in your drive,
a menu should automatically pop up and suggest to "format" the CD-R for
data archiving. Drag and drop your files to the CD. Then choose "Burn
Disc" from the "Special" Menu. However, Apples piece of software cannot
handle "multisession" burning, so if you burn 50 MB to a CD-R the
remaining 600 MB are LOST.

2. Disable the Disc Burner stuff in the Extensions Manager and reinstall
the Toast Software. Now Toast should recognize your burner.

Speed: Be aware that Apple designed their USB implementation for low
speed devices, so with an USB-burner you will be restricted to 2x
burning speed, some computers will manage to burn 4x speed. As in the
meantime burners have become much faster I would buy a FireWire burner,
which will easily record CDs with up to 32x speed. Installation on the
Mac is as simple as USB, just plug it in and it will work. However, the
Disc burner extensions will also "block" a FireWire device and have to
be disabled to use Toast.

Buying a SCSI-writer would be complete nonsense, as you would have to
buy a SCSI-card too and install this. Since the blue-and white G3 Apple
has dropped SCSI-ports on the Mac.

I will contact Elmar from Hannes Gerdes group in Borstel to discuss this
with him...


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