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I'd buy the latest version of Adaptec Toast,
Toast Titanium, it's much more reliable at recognizing
CD writers.  Certainly before you invest in another writer,
and by the way CellQuest and USB is a separate issue, one we
too are experiencing problems with.

Gene Pizzo/UCONN Health

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Dear Flowers,
We run a G4 with MacOS 9.1 and CellQuest on our Calibur. To backup  our
data we purchased an Iomega Predator portable CD writer with USB
connection (to use it on the Mac but also on our PCs - and on PC I never
hhad a problem). The driver is installed on the Mac and he recognizes
the  Predator as CD Rom drive. However, the Software for the writer
(Adaptec Toast) can't find a CD Burner, even if the drive reads all CDs
correct and consistent.
Our BD service told me, that there are some incompatibilities in using
CellQuest and USB.
Does anybody have an idea how I could set the predator up to burn? Or
can I burn the Predator and order a new SCSI writer as BD suggests?
Any updates? Other software?

Thanx for any suggestions

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