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Timothy Singleton, M.D. tsingleton at smtpgw.beaumont.edu
Sat Mar 2 12:36:38 EST 2002

Other hematopathologists have told me that they've rarely seen Auer
rod-like structures in lymphocytes, but I do not think that they
published their findings.

Tim Singleton, MD
Beaumont Hospital

>>> "Wal & Sue Sharp" <walnsue at cableinet.co.uk> 02/23/02 07:23AM >>>

Hello All,

Q1. Anybody doing/done apoptosis work on activated lymphs in
mononucleosis or other acute viral infections.

Q2. For the morphologists - has anybody seen "Auer rod like" bodies in
lymphs from a NHL.

Romanowsky staining is exactly like Auer rods but they are rhomboid in
shape. They are not an artefact and show in successive samples days
I've seen plenty of crystals in LPD's but all "transparent" and not
pinkish-blue as these are.
Nobody here has seen them before either.


Wal Sharp

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