Flow on Nematode eggs

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Fri Mar 1 05:28:22 EST 2002

Dear Janet,

I don't know if this can help (I'm not in the nematode field) but I do know
that there is a dedicated nematode sorter on the market: it was developed by
the company of Petra Krauledat and Peter Hansen: I'm sorry I don't recall
the company name right now, I think they're located in the Boston area.

best regards,

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> Onderwerp:	Flow on Nematode eggs
> I have a client who wish to run flow on nematode eggs (Meloidigyne
> incognita and Meloidigyne hapla) to stain to look at genome size.  We have
> tried twice to run them and the first time saw no florescence so we change
> protocols to PI but the second time we clogged both my machines with the
> samples( I am using a BD FACScan and a FACSCalibur).	 Can anyone help
> us-she has found a paper from 1984 which used flow on a machine made at
> Los
> Alamos but it doesn't specify what size nozzle they used.  She also does
> not know how big the eggs are but you can visualize them in the solution
> and they settle out of solution very quickly.
> thank you in advance for all your help-I have always had such great luck
> with questions on this group.
> Sincerely
> Janet Dow
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